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Basic Camera Mobile Etiquettes You Must Know

The demand for mobile phones is increasing day by day, the demand for camera mobiles also have no exception. The introduction of camera mobiles has caused rapid increase in sales of these phones all over the world. Along with the widely accepted demand for the camera phones it also created some controversy because of the improper use of the camera mobile. There is no problem in having fun with your camera mobile, but you have to make sure that you are not exceeding the limits.

The following article throws light on some of the etiquettes that every one has to follow while using camera mobiles.

Respect others privacy

This is the basic thing that has to be kept in mind by a person using camera mobile. It is not advisable to snap pictures of others without their consent. This will be considered as a serious offense. So it¡¦s better to avoid trouble by respecting others privacy.

Never use camera mobiles in banned places

The use of camera Phones is banned in some places. The use of such phones should be avoided in those banned areas. In the same way the use of camera mobile is restricted in certain areas, in such areas its better to ask the authorities regarding the extent of restriction.

Keep away from mass mailing

In the resent past the habit of circulating pictures of other people without their permission has increased at an alarming rate. Taking pictures, morphing them on your PC and circulating is also highly unadvisable. This will be treated as a serious criminal offense and will result in severe punishment in many countries.

Shut the camera lens when not in use

Always try to shut the lens of your camera mobile when not in use. This helps a lot in avoiding problems. This has to be followed properly because there are people who might get offended even if a camera is pointed at them.

Just use your common sense

Always use your brain to realize that not every one will like to receive MMS messages, just for the simple reason that most of the networks will charge the recipient for downloading the MMS messages.

Turn off camera¡¦s flash wherever applicable

Its better to turn off your camera¡¦s flash wherever applicable. For example if you are snapping pictures in a zoo the flash light can be distractive.

By following the simple steps mentioned above it¡¦s possible for every one to keep out of the basic mistakes that may occur while using camera mobile. So have fun with your camera mobile, but within limits. And you can get more camera phone reviews from

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