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The Cheapest Cell Phone Plans

So you're in the market for a new cell phone plan. You start your cell phone search online to give you an idea on wireless phone service prices. Free cell phones, get a free cell phone, the lowest cell phone rates, compare cell phone rates. Starting to look familiar?

Free cell phone offers and low cellular rate plans are indeed enticing, but are they really the cheapest cell phone plans? To say they have the cheapest cell phone service is also to say they know your calling habits. There is more to cell phone rates than cents per minute.

Isn't the cheapest cell phone plan the one with the smallest bill at the end of each month? It makes sense to me. So how do you find the best cell phone plan with the lowest cellular rates that will leave you with the cheapest cell phone bill at the end of each month?

Cell phone plans come in two forms. Prepaid cell phones, otherwise known as pay as you go cell phone service, and regular monthly cell phone plans. When deciding which is best for you, think about how much you'll use the cellular service each month.

Prepaid cell phone plans are great if you will not be using the cell phone very often. If you use a cell phone for emergencies only, you'll benefit from pay as you go since it doesn't cost much to add minutes to your prepaid cell phone and you won't need to top up again for awhile.

Monthly cell phone plans are best if you are going to use your cellular service often, since many cell phone services offer unlimited nights and weekends, free mobile to mobile, and a healthy amount of anytime minutes. You can even get a free cell phone with a service agreement.

The secret formula to getting the cheapest cell phone plan for you is, usage, plus rates, plus incentives. Incentives being the freebies like free cell phones or free minutes. Find a healthy balance of all three factors, and you'll have your cheapest cell phone plan.

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