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Clearing Firefox Search History And Deleting Search Information

As computers and the technology around them continue to get more and more advanced, your privacy is also more vulnerable. Making purchasing online open you up to all sorts of potential evils lurking on the web. For all its advantages, there is a downside to this advance in technology. Identity thieves actively use the Internet to steal personal data and use it for their benefit.

Your vital data such as banking information, credit card data and email records could be at rish if they gain entry to your information. There are two main methods used to achieve this criminal act. One is to install spyware software in your computer and the other is to hack into your computer to look at your Internet search records. It is therefore essential that you take such steps as necessary to protect your Internet search history and to delete search information. Mozilla Firefox is a very popular Internet browser used today.

Compared to other browsers, it offers a more convenient and simpler browsing experience. Like all other browsers, this too will however record your every move on the Internet. Your actions are recorded everytime you visit and depart a website. Keywords used for searches too will be recorded. These records are dangerous as they can be accessed by others who use your computer or hackers to gain knowledge of your Internet activities.

To maintain your privacy, you should delete your Internet activity history and also delete all search information. There's a simple method to do this with Mozilla Firefox. You just open the Tools menu and then hit the clear private data button. A new window will appear. Clicking all of the boxes and then hitting clear private data now will instantly clear your search history and data. For complete erasure however, you will still need to clear the files in your hard drive.

If this too is to be cleared, and it must, you will need to install a special software program for it. These are called Hard Drive Cleaners and these will completely get rid of all the information. Even the use of data recovery software will not be able to recover the data erased by this software as all Internet search history records would have been deleted permanently To prevent your Internet search history from falling into the wrong hands, you could either delete it by using the built-in clearance tool of Mozilla Firefox browser or use a third party software program that will permanently delete all data about your Internet activities and search records.

For more on how to clear Firefox search history, visit today!

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