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Compatible Ink Cartridges Vs Genuine Ink Cartridges

Many printer users often struggle to choose between using compatible or genuine ink cartridges. While one is a big name brand trusted and used by millions, the other seems like the same, except much cheaper in price. Before we get into more seems like many people tend to stay away from compatible brands because they are afraid that they could lose warranty of their printer.

Let us help you clarify this! Will you lose warranty of your printer if you decide to use compatible cartridges? The answer is "NO"! You see, customers have the right to choose the brand of ink they want to use and your warranty service cannot be refused.unless there is proof that the compatible cartridge has damaged the printer. So, if you were told that your printer warranty will be void if you were to use third party brands.

well, guess what! It's actually against the law! With original cartridges, while this may not be a worry (Both in quality, performance and warranty), but the expense of using such consumables can become quite enormous! Let's just say you decided the purchase the genuine black HP No 02 ink cartridge which costs you $16. You can buy a compatible one at probably around $9 Yes! That's a new compatible HP No 2 black ink cartridge at almost half price! Yet, it gives similar, if not better printouts! But why are the price markups so different? Well.think about it this way, big name companies like Canon, HP, Epson, Lexmark.etc are BIG BRAND companies. Let's just say you go and buy yourself a handbag.obviously there are many cheap ones and of course.

extremely expensive ones like the LV, Prada and Dior. However, it doesn't mean the cheaper handbags will carry less stuff or break within 1 month. Of course, different people have different opinions so it really depends on you. While some may say they only trust big brands.others might say big brands are rip offs. Of course, if you decide to use compatible cartridges over originals, whether it's inkjet, fax, copier or laser toner cartridges.

The most important thing to look at is the supplier you purchase the supplies from. You see, there are so many compatible cartridges on the market and you're always going to find cheaper matter what! The only question is.

are you willing to take the risk? Think about this.Would you rather spend $6.50 on a reliable compatible ink or spend $2.95 (Save $3.

55) and only found out later that it actually damaged your printer.or the printouts becomes unbearable.??? How about this.

you just came home from a long days HARD WORK and extremely excited when your parcel finally arrived, thinking that you can relax and print your favorite photos.but the second you open your parcel. ARRRHHHHH !!!! That's right.

one cartridge was broken and ink were leaking all over it. But fine.there are still 3 cartridges remaining which you can use. You start clipping your compatible cartridge into the slot (still thinking how smart you were saving $30 from the order) and guess what! The cartridge didn't work!!! ARRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! That's right! Now.

how much will it cost you to send back to get a replacement.??? (At the same time fearing that your replacment cartridges won't work) Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable supplier who can offer Full Guarantee on all their printer cartridges, especially with their compatible brands. This way, you are protected to try out the cheaper alternatives and if everything works well for you. You will be saving heaps of money for many years to come.

Happy Printing!.

Mark Mason offers FREE Tips and Articles on How To Save Money On Printer Cartridges and also reviews the Top Ink and Toner Suppliers Online.

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