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Free Cell Phone Offers

The cellular industry is booming. Consumers enjoy more minutes for less money, free nights and weekends, unlimited mobile phone to mobile phone, e-mail and Internet access from their cell phones, and around every Internet corner spring attractive offers for a free cell phone. There are so many free cell phone offers that it can get a bit confusing.

Free cell phones are only free to people who purchase a cell phone plan. Sometimes cell phones are free via Instant rebate, meaning if you have enough money on your credit card to cover the actual cost of the cell phone, it will be free that day or instantly. This is the cellular carriers way of making sure the buyer can pay for service.

Free cell phones may also come in the form of a mail in rebate. These cell phones are normally higher cost, higher quality cell phones, and usually better cell phones than one might receive through an instant rebate. People who can afford to buy a cell phone yet want to save some money will benefit from mail in rebates.

You are unlikely to find a free cell phone when you go with a prepaid cell phone plan. The reason for this is that cell phone companies really make their money from the cell phone plan, not the cell phones themselves. By offering a free cell phone, they provide a tantalizing offer while making service easily available to potential customers.

For those with a good credit rating, free cell phones are readily available. If your credit rating is poor, or less than perfect, you can usually still get a free cell phone, but would be required to pay a deposit. Often times the deposit is fairly hefty and for cell phone service, not the cell phone itself.

Some of the largest cellular vendor's online for free cell phones are WireFly, formerly known as InPhonic and Though very similar in appearance, WireFly is by far the cheapest in cell phone plans online or anywhere. These kind of cellular companies pair free cell phone offers with cell phone plans for purchase online.

In short, when looking for free cell phones online, unless you have good credit, be prepared to pay a deposit. Be sure it's clear the cell phone is free via instant, or mail in rebate. Make sure the cell phone plan that comes with the free cell phone is of benefit to you and suites your needs. Don't be hasty, take time to read the plan details.

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