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Free Cell Phones Get One but Avoid Commercial Traps

Cell phones are becoming very sophisticated with the advancement in the technology. Today the cell phones come with lot of mind-boggling kinds of features on them. Due to the increasing competition between the handset manufacturers and the service providers, lots of freebies are offered to the customers in order to lure them and retain them as their loyal customers. One fact to be kept in mind is that, nothing comes free of cost. Free cell phone offers too incur taxes and other fees like the shipping fees etc or the user has to spend on an activation fee, which may cost more than the handset itself. Free cell phone offers are really enticing and they mostly come with cheap cell phone plans.

But then, are the cheap cell phone plans really cheap? In that case, the bills, which come at the end of the month, should also reflect the same thing. So, it makes sense to find out the best cell phone plan along with free cell phones. Cell phone plans are available in two forms. One is the prepaid service and another being the post paid service.

Prepaid plans are good for people who rarely use the cell phone. This is flexible enough to add on extra minutes for a lower price and doesn't require topping up every now and then. The post paid or the monthly plans are for people who use the cellular service very often. As the bill value is more every month free cell phones are offered under this plan mostly. The best cell phone plan is the one with good usage, rates nominal and when free cell phones or free minutes talk time is given as incentives.

It is good to ask the friends or retails or surf the net for getting free cell phone offers. Some times free cell phones are given to the customers as promotional give away things. This is considered to be the best method of creating new customers for availing their cell phone services.

For some this may seem to be a good opportunity but for others it may be a concern whether the cell phone provided is of poor quality. However, it does not mean that just because it is given for free, it is a sub par item. It should not be of any concern if the cell phone service provider or the distributor is very reliable.

A little concern may arise among the consumers, but in reality the companies that provide free cell phones have far more to lose if they do not work properly as the bad reputation will kill any business. These companies offer free cell phones to acquire potential customers for their life time just like any promotional gift offered to buy a product. Also, the company's image gets a beating if the free cell phones offered are of a poor quality. Hence they will ensure that their customers get best quality free cell phones. This makes the consumer to believe in the quality of the free cell phones offered by a reputed cell phone company.

David Hensley is an expert author specialized in electronic accessories and gadgets. He contributes several informative articles regularly to that helps find the right cell phone plan and that carries exhaustive information on free ring tones.

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