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International VoIP Phone Cards to Help Improve Mobility

In today's fast-paced world, mobility is a concern for everyone. Five years ago, not many people had or saw the need to have a cellular phone with them. After all, in those days a regular phone would suffice on most occasions, and there were also phone booths available to satisfy the need for emergency calls. That was then. But, nowadays it is almost impossible to keep up with the pace of everyday life without mobile devices such as cell phones. Analysts claim that in 10 years a huge portion of people around the world will own cell phones, and the traditional phone lines are going to become obsolete.

Of course, that would make sense today if the prices of wireless plans were low enough for everybody to afford them. Another reason is that some consumers have not got used to the idea of not having a static phone line. This will change, however, in the near future.

What will not change is the high rates of international cell phone calls. For International VoIP phone card calls, the key to low rates is having a prepaid service, such as Pingo from Ibasis. Previously, it was almost unthinkable to use a cell phone for international calls, unless of course one has a lot of money to burn. However, with products such as Pingo, it costs the same to call internationally from a cell phone or land phone. These International VoIP phone card rates can be as low as $.018 per minute to call China from the US.

These inexpensive global calling cards allow people to enjoy great low rates. lower than anybody thought possible just a few years ago. There is a misconception among people that all calling cards are either of low quality or they are not usable on mobile phones. That could not be further from the truth. It is true that some companies sacrifice quality of service to offer lower rates to their customers.

However, consumers can find truly great deals on international calling cards by investing some time researching deals out there. In addition, unlike what some people believe, calling cards are usable on cell phones just as they are on any regular phone, depending on the service provider. One thing is for certain.

Cell phone owners can save a lot of money on their bills by using international VoIP phone cards to contact overseas. Best of all, they get the same quality for a mere fraction of a price they would get from their mobile service provider.

Brian Hawkins manages Pingo's VoIP phone affiliate program that provides prepaid long distance calling cards online at

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