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Master The Art Of Digital Photography

Digital Photography is all the rage when it comes to taking pictures. Unlike convential cameras, the 35mm variety, you are able to view pictures immediately after you take them, decide whether or not you want to keep them and so much more. Also unlike 35mm cameras, digital cameras give you the ability to store your photos on a memory card, giving you the potential of taking literally hundreds of photos without running out of film.
The biggest advantage of digital is its flexibility. You will no longer need to carry separate cameras to shoot in black and white or color. Most digital cameras come with a knob or digital menu that allow you to choose how you want the picture to be taken.

Additionally, digital is the only format that allows duplication with no loss of quality.
Digital photographs can be easily shared through email, jump drives and through the internet with onlin photo galleries where you can send share links to friends that allows them to view the photos or a slide show. I personally use Kodak Gallery.
In this article I want to give you digital photography enthusiasts some tips on making your experience as an amateur (who knows maybe some pros also) digital photographer even better.
If you are into digital photography, acquaint yourself with a product called Adobe Photoshop.

You may have already heard of it, but for those who haven`t this is a powerful piece of software that allows you to edit your photos to your wildest imagination. To give you an example, you can make pictures more clear, and add words. These are just a few of the basic items you get with Photoshop. With the release of Photoshop Lightroom you now have a professional photo management system for your digital photographs. According to Rob Schoeben of Apple Computers Inc.

, "the Photoshop Lightroom is about pulling the beauty out of image. The new program helps users to browse and manage images."
With any type of camera you will need a good lense. Without going into specific brands here are a couple of tips.

Zoom lenses used in most digital cameras are insufficient for nature photography. Prime lenses offer the highest optical quality to digital photographers and Super zoom cameras are perfect to capture a sporting event.
As with all hobbies and other subjects you can find a variety of tutorials and books on digital photographty. Some include, "The Perfect Picture," by Bryan E. Peterson which offers beginners a strong foundation from exposure to composition on DVD format, "SureShot System" is another DVD course from Big Picture Enterprises.

The short course "Fundamentals of Digital Photography: Getting the Most Out of Your Digital SLR" includes audio CDs.
The power of technology has lent itself to make digital photography a wonderful and enjoyable hobby for all. With these tips and further educating yourself on the matter, you can snap (or is it record?) your favorite photo and make it look like a pro took it, in no time.

By: Bruce A. Tucker.

About the Author:
Bruce A. Tucker is the Associate Director of is an online resource that allows digital camera retailers, providers, manufacturers and photographers to post their products and services for sale in 20,000 cities throughout 200 countries around the world free of charge.

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