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Mobile Phone Usability and Design

Developing user friendly mobile phones.

Because of the variety of handheld devices to choose from, usability can be a very powerful distinguishing factor. Good designed mobile phones mean happy users, and satisfied customers become loyal customers. By understanding the techniques of Handheld Usability you can give the consumers what they want and need, and get it right the first time.

The main goal of usability professionals working on mobile phones is to develop devices from the end-user needsíŽ perspective, and not only based on technical possibilities. The main task is to ensure that the target user group of each model can operate the device fluently and with joy.

Some examples of what should be taken in consideration is presented below.





- Ergonomics of keys & the whole device
- Key discovery
- Text input
- Touch screen input
- Speech input
- Motion gestures

- Display qualit
- Audio quality
- Haptic feedback

- User interface consistency
- Information visualization
- Usability within single applications
- Application interworking

- Mechanics (e.g. battery change)
- Cover material
- Graceful power saving
- Accessories

Regarding handheld device functionality, a small device does have its limitations, but being mobile brings also huge benefits. In comparisement to stationary devices, a mobile device that users carry with them almost all the time gives new an innovating oppurtunities for applications and features.

Other then usability and marketing, there is also emotions research, which is aimed at understanding what users feel and why when interacting with the device, and what brings about a joyful user experience. People have an emotional relationship with their personal mobile phones. The phone they carry with them expresses their personality in a similar way as their car does.

As you can see a lot is been undertaken to get the phone from the drawing board to the consumer. Industrial design and functionality are the factors that affect a purchasing decision the most, in addition to the price.

Adding your view on mobile phone design.

Did you ever had an amazing idea on mobile phone design? like you there are others that have these visions in this evolving age of mobile phone design and the need to improve the old ways or to come up with a fresh new idea or stylish design. Mobile phone producing companies are always looking for new ideas, the next trends or hype if you want to call it that. What if you can make an effort to put something new out there? Would you be interested?

You don't have to be a professional industrial designer or someone in that category if you want to put your idea(s) out there. On these galleries you can place your design and ideas on mobile phone design either fully digitalized or as a scanned image of a paper drawing. It is all about getting the idea out there since this is most of the time the best way for things to get started. Does the design need to be perfect you might ask? No, your effort to put your idea out there is enough and much appreciated by anyone affiliated in the mobile phone producing markets. Of course you can leave some info about yourself to get noticed by others or hopefully if you pursue a career in industrial design to be noticed by the big companies involved with mobile phone design.

The interface of the mobile phone is very important for the users of mobile phones and overall design combined with functionality is what is most appealing to the public for buying a mobile phone. Ever used a phone that had dial buttons so small you would press other numbers by mistake? Well, i did and it can be very frustrating and if you have experienced a similar situation you would likely feel the same. Therefor making a serious professional design requires some if not a lot of research to make any mobile phone design attractive towards the public.

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