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Retro Stylophone The electronic synthesizer

Featuring the classic style of the original Stylophone with added benefits of volume control, headphone or amplifier socket and an MP3 socket. This allows you to plug your Stylophone music organ into your MP3 player and play along to your favourite music! A 2 way cable is included just for this purpose. Not only do you still have the Vibrato and the 3 different sounds to choose from, you can also alter the pitch control!

html The stylus pen fits neatly into its own housing and can be pulled out easily. Connected by a wire to the Stylophone, there is no fear of losing it. Holding the stylus like a pen, touch the metal tip to the keyboard. If you have remembered to actually turn the Stylophone on, a distinct Stylophonic sound will be heard to bring any 70's nut screaming into the room wanting to hear more. If you are looking for the 'cocktail lounge vs lift music' effect (also known as the glissando effect), slide the stylus from one note to the other on the keyboard.

Two easy tunes can be found at the back of the instruction booklet to practice with using a number technique. If you already play the piano or keyboard, you will be familiar with the set up of the Stylophone already, as each key is divided up just like a piano. Do you have a question about this product? Email us now

html Stylophone The Stylophone music synthesizer is operated by 3 x AA batteries The Stylophone music synthesizer features vibrato, volume, pitch and 3 organ style functions The Stylophone music synthesizer has a headphone/ amp socket and an MP3 player socket so you can play along to your favourite music. Your music will be played through your Stylophone speaker and a 2 way cable is included! The Stylophone music synthesizer is compact and can easily fit into a small bag The Stylophone music synthesizer comes with an instruction booklet with 2 easy tunes to practise at the back! Next day delivery is available on this item The Stylophone is the perfect gift for anyone looking for cheesy novelty gifts and a whole lot of fun. Fantastic for 50's Birthday gifts, 30th special Birthday gifts, even for a 21st Birthday! The Stylophone is a very easy musical instrument that anyone can pick up.

Purely addictive and a real conversation piece. We had great fun here at Find Me a Gift and I must say that my rendition of Silent Night was astonishingly bad if not utterly fabulous at the same time. You have to love that organ vibrato! Like Mariah Carey wired to a circuit board, my Stylophone glissando's enthralled and apalled as I warbled my way through the Red Dwarf theme tune, closely followed by Space Oddity and back to Silent Night for a final electronic battle of Stylo-manic music mayhem.

An interesting fact about the Stylophone: The Stylophone was accidentally invented in 1968 in Britain and production of the original model ran right into the early 80's! A Stylophone was used by David Bowie to write his famous hit Space Oddity. Rolf Harris put the Stylophone on the map with his cheesy advertising and even gave handy techniques and lessons on television. http://www.find-me-a-gift. So what are you waiting for!? Even famous new bands are jumping on the Stylowagon and using this retro instrument to create musical magic. With the Stylophones distinct sound and now up to date functions, who can resist such an important part of 70's musical nostalgia.

What's in the Stylophone box? 1 x Stylophone 1 x Instruction booklet with 2 easy to learn music pieces at the back 1 x 2 way cable for MP3 players.

Jessie joined a few months ago and has been writing fabulous articles ever since.

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