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Search Sub Engines And Your Marketing Dollar

Online advertising campaigns can be, and quite often are, expensive and ineffective unless you have what can only be described as a mega advertising budget. Unfortunately for most of us, we don't possess such vast amounts of cash that we can comfortably throw at our advertising campaigns. So, it's of paramount importance that we squeeze every single cents worth from every dollar we spend. With economy in mind most of us turn towards the free advertising mediums regardless of their effectiveness and fool ourselves into believing that even though it's free.

If we spend enough time and energy using it and submitting to it that we will eventually be rewarded with the results we desire. How true is this, and are there any other avenues open to the business owner or online promoter which will truly deliver on their promises. I doubt there is anyone online that hasn't tried submitting to FFA, free for all pages, free link submitters, email submitters, blog submitters, safelist submitters and lately isp submitters. All of which can be found for free with a little searching or determination and if not free can be purchased for pennies from Ebay. But in our rush to try these useless pieces of junk we forget the most valuable possession we have, and that's our time, and we waste it by the bucket full hoping to get results from this online twoddle. It seems that everything has its day, and the days of the above mentioned programs and software have long since gone, obvious when you consider that programs and software that you would have paid as much as $197.

00 is now available on Ebay for as little as $1.50. Ffa pages and email promotions were the bees knees in online promoting ten years ago, but with the emergence of ever more efficient spam controls and punishments, and the fact that nobody visits ffa pages any longer, they have both been relegated to the marketing archives. Along with them go the worse than useless pieces of junk such as blog submitters, isp submitters and the laughable link submitter. Blog submitters just simply do not work.

The idea behind this software was that, at the push of a button a link to your website would be automatically distributed to millions of blogs, giving you millions of back links to your site and in the process pushing your site high up in the search engine rankings. What the peddlers of these programs omit to tell you is that to get your site linked to a blog you must approach the owner of the blog and ask their permission. If you could randomly place a link on millions of blogs, don't you think the owners of those blogs would be a little p'ssed off and would make a point of deleting your unwelcome link and contacting you with some suitably verbal abuse for not asking permission first. The exact same applies to link submitters, they purely and simply do not work. As for isp submitters, well they take second prize as being the most useless of all the submitters. They apparently submit your advert to the desk tops of million, no billions of computers throughout the world and when the user of the computer closes down up pops your advert.

What you only discover, after you have purchased it, is that if any of the isp's you are targeting are protected by a firewall your advert will not reach its destination. It seem pretty obvious to me, that if you are using the Internet and you don't want all sorts of unwelcome crap on your computer, not to mention multiple viruses, you are going to use a firewall to protect yourself. Now it doesn't take a genius to see that if you take these precautions that 99.99999% of the online world will be doing likewise.

So into the recycle bin goes isp submitters. Safelist submitters in my opinion get the top prize, the Oscar for useless online twonk. Check out any of the thousands of programs available, and the first thing they advise you to do is open an email account where all your emails from other users can be sent so you can delete them without ever seeing them.

Der, if you are being advised to do this, then where may I ask you are your emails going. Yes, you've guessed correctly, directly into every other subscribers junk mail account, to be deleted before ever being read. Having said all of that, each of these programs or pieces of software may have had their uses in the past and now we have to look to the future of free online marketing. The future of free online marketing rest solely in the hands of the Search Sub Engine. This is the latest and in my opinion, probably the only one which will still be around and effective for many years to come. Its effectiveness should stand the test of time simply because its concept is based on familiarity and demand.

Allow me to explain, the Search Sub Engine is a site rotation system, which allows every user to reach the #1 search position for their particular category, much the same way as you would reach the top of your category if you were selling an item on an auction site So, familiar. As for demand, everyone, and I mean everyone wants, even craves traffic, the Search Sub Engine delivers that traffic, and it does that simply by guaranteeing that you will reach the top spot for your search category. This is a position we all strive to reach with the search engines, and we chase this coveted position because we know that upon reaching it, a whole world of traffic will come racing into our business, that's exactly what the Search Sub Engine will do for your business. The big difference between the Search Sub Engine and the standard search engine is that you don't need all the other associated programs or software to get there, you just submit your listing and the Search Sub Engine does the rest. And it does it for free.

Mike Collins Owner and CEO The only Search Sub Engine Don't allow your marketing efforts, your advertising dollar and your valuable time to be wasted. Make all your efforts count, start by using a Search Sub Engine, a system that actually works visit my site

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