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Spyware Fought by AntiSpywear

Spyware is computer software that is installed surreptitiously on a personal computer to intercept or take partial control over the user's interaction with the computer, without the user's informed consent. A recent threat to consumer privacy, spyware can reach your PC without your knowledge or explicit approval. This is always the case with ad cookies, yet another spyware subclass. More worrying are applications like that install themselves on the sly. Some may be mailed to you disguised as something useful.

Of course, anyone with access to your machine can install a system monitor, stealing information like credit card and bank account numbers.According to a recent report from research firm GartnerG2, more than 20 million people have installed adware applications (adware being a type of spyware that reports back on a subject's activities to serve up targeted advertising), and this covers only a portion of the spyware on the loose. Spyware can let others see your every keystroke, open system vulnerabilities and backdoors and disable your firewall and antivirus program, leaving your system completely vulnerable. With all these dangers in mind, spyware removal is the next logical step. As such, there are programs specifically designed to detect, remove and prevent spyware and other malware; they are called anti-spyware.

As established earlier, your computer can be infected with spyware by visiting a dangerous website. You can also get some by downloading programs that have spyware code embedded in them or opening emails from unknown senders, or even through known senders through spoofed "From" headers. Just like viruses, spyware is everywhere, especially if you surf the Internet regularly. Exercising caution when browsing the Worldwide Web is one of the main ways of avoiding spyware infection; adding anti-spyware software to your firewall and antivirus protection bundle is crucial, though some firewalls (like ZoneAlarm) and antivirus programs (like PCcillin) have anti-spyware installed along with them. There are a lot of anti-spyware products available on the market and on the Internet today, in freeware, shareware and "pay-for-use-ware" variants. Also be careful of downloading "free" anti-spyware programs, since, ironically enough, they may also be spyware.

It's of the utmost importance to have anti-spyware, because it's not enough to have a firewall and antivirus software anymore. Not all antivirus programs can detect spyware, and your firewall is already compromised once the spyware is already installed.Though some antivirus companies are now adapting to be able to protect against spyware, it won't hurt to get another program that specifically targets spyware, as established above.

You can never be too careful.

Why is there a need for Anti-Spyware and its advantages.

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