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What You Need To Know About Computer Crashes

Is your system crashing unexpectedly? Have you been suffering from PC crashes for as long as you can remember? Does your computer crash at least once every single day? If you have said yes to any one of these questions, you should listen up. Although a crash can occur at anytime and for virtually any reason, it doesn't mean you should just ignore the problem. Hitting that restart button may solve the problem for the time being, but what will you do when it no longer works and your computer fails to boot up? Hopefully, it won't ever come to that, as you will undoubtedly choose to take a more active role in your PC's long term health. Right? You have to understand that your computer doesn't just "work". In order for your PC to operate and remain functional, all the little parts and systems inside of it must work together and in perfect harmony with one another. If that doesn't happen, well, the computer simply won't function correctly.

However, those are merely the two extremes -- perfect or broken. In reality, most computers are somewhere in the middle -- meaning that the systems and parts "usually" work together but occasionally conflict with each other. This "conflict" results in what you know to be a system crash.

With all the different parts and systems constantly running on your computer, it can be quite difficult to determine the root cause of a system crash; especially if there is more than one root cause and more than one crash. Having said that, the best thing for you to do is to come at the problem from every conceivable angle. Eliminate what isn't the problem until you find what is.

Hopefully, this short list can get you started in the right direction. - Run your basic spyware, virus, & adware scans to determine if malicious software is the cause of the system crashing. Many people assume the worst when actually, the crashing is just the result of a virus that slipped through the defensive cracks. - Determine if the PC is regularly overheating by checking it's internal temperature.

The sheer number of computers that crash due to overheating is truly staggering. If it is the problem, add a few fans to the case and see if any improvements are made. - Use your system tools to repair your computer. "Scan Disk" and "Disk Defragmenter" can be very useful for clearing up files and restoring valuable disk space -- both of which can increase performance and speed.

- Check the registry for errors. A corrupted registry is probably the number 1 cause of system crashing; not to mention, everything else that can go wrong with a computer. The registry is the central processing center for all PC related information.

So, if a monkey wrench gets thrown in there, the whole system will likely suffer. Keeping a close eye on your registry is very important -- so be sure to run a thorough scan with reliable computer repair software at least once a week. Copyright (c) 2008 PC Registry Repair.

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